Sunday, July 4

Following up on the Dick Cheney F'ing incident — warning political rant

The fall out regarding Dick Cheney's telling Senator Leahy to "fuck off" has been immense ( and rightfully so. You can even buy the t-shirt.

In a word, it struck a chord of unprecedented ARROGANCE.

Who wants to know how much money Cheney is making off his connections with Halliburton?

Who has a right to know?

Every citizen of the United States has a right to know Mr. Vice President, and as a representative of the State of Vermont Senator Leahy has the right to ask it.

In an era where politicians from the President of the United States of America (ex-pres Clinton) to other would be Senators (Jack Ryan) are being raked over the coals for personal indiscretions every American damn well has the right to know where the money trail goes Mr. Cheney and every American has a right to know exactly where your loyalties lie.

The Haliburton questions Mr. Leahy asked take far more precedence than personal indiscretions Mr. Cheney. The haliburton question Mr. Leahy asked were questions of special interests, national security and American lives Mr. Cheney. Thousands of Americans have died under your parties leadership Mr. Cheney, and every American has a right to know exactly where your loyalties lie.

Dear Vice President Cheney,

Your arrogance directed toward Mr. Leahy was not only completely out of order and insulting to Mr. Leahy, but it is a slap in the face of the American people and the American political system. Senator Leahy is a representative of his constituents of Vermont and by telling him to "fuck off" you have told his constituents to "fuck off".

We are due an answer Mr. Cheney. Senator Leahy, his constituents, and all Americans are owed an apology and response to Senator Leahy's questions and if you Mr. Cheney won't give an answer it's certainly worth AT-LEAST the attention given the Jack Ryan's current situation in Illinois and previously given ex-president Clinton's Oval Office scandal.

As a citizen I demand to know, I demand accountability, and as a voter I will not vote for an administration this arrogant in the up coming election.

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