Tuesday, July 13

Chicagoist: New McD's Store

For our third Chicagoist rip off of the day, check out this plan for a new Rockin' McDonalds. For those of you who don't know it's right in the heart of the Chicago tourist district by the Hard Rock and Rainforest Cafe.

Read more onChicagoist, they rock. They even have pictures of the press conference held right at the old Rockin' McDonalds and don't forget to check out the must see fly-by. It's da bomb. :)

I used to get a kick out of driving over there on my motorcycle have a shake and watching the traffic jams form on Saturday afternoons. Tourists are so funny, it's a beautiful study in lemming science. They'd block one intersection, and then the rest of the intersections would block up in a domino effect all the way around the block. It made me laugh and laugh to see someone sitting in their car in the middle of the intersection honking their horn in increased frustration because traffic was blocked by a jack ass just like them at the next intersection.

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